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    noticed this after updating (from 1.06-cing to 1.12-row):

    first long-sms (449 chars) sent to my t600 (from another gsm phone) is split into two messages.

    first message:
    306 chars (first part of the initial long-sms) + "[Part 3 of 3]" (without the quotation marks)

    second message:
    "[Part 1 of 3][Part 2 of 3]" + 143 chars (last part of the initial long-sms)

    weird, isn'it? infact looks kind of messy

    anyway, a second long-sms (438 chars) received two days later (sent by the same phone, same number as the first one) is displayed as a single message without the [Part # of #] (the right way i guess, it's much easier to read).

    anybody can verify this?
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    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    ok, i might be a little sleepy this early in the morning, but i couldn't find any info about this issue... i'm not talking about the possibility to send long messages (over 160 chars), which has been discussed over and over, and not even about whether incoming long messages are displayed as one messages or multiple messages.
    what i saw is just that a long sms i got is split in a rather comic way: first part takes the label [part 3] and last part takes the labels [part 2] and [part 1], where part3 is bigger than part2 and part1 together!

    if this has already been discussed somewhere, please show me the link and try to forgive me!!
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    My apologies, I misunderstood your original post.
    Are you using Cingular or another service provider? (I noticed you had CNG original firmware).
    I've got Cingular here, and can try it out to see if I can duplicate.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    nope, i'm not using cingular because i'm in europe now. coverage is provided by an italian network (not roaming). i guess this is not a network related issue though, because it never happened before the update using the same network.
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    You may want to try the modified old SMS app that is available from in the Downloads/Treo Utilities section.
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    thanx for the tip mol, but the crash on download/preference is too big downside for me, since i don't have the 160 chars limitation anyway. plus i like the privacy mode.
    but thanx anyway.
    i reported the problem to p1, we'll see if they have any clue about this.

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