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    Hello Everybody!

    I am now on my third Treo (Generic GSM), and I think I finally got it right! The screen is fine (no blue tint), and no speaker buzzing as of now. It's a refurbished unit, and the serial# is lower than my previous one (probably meaning that PalmOne is changing something to the units it receives back from unhappy users).

    Just for reference:

    Serial# HAAAD4172**** pretty good but with blue tint.
    Serial# HAAAD4064**** perfect (as of now) without blue tint.

    Question 1: Anybody knows what the serial# stands for? Is it just a sequential thing, or does it tell anything about the manufacturing date etc.

    Question 2: A PalmOne rep told me that all Treos shipping now, have a new improved speaker inside. Can anybody confirm that? Is there a way to find out whether hardware improvements etc have been made without opening the unit? (e.g. by serial, date of shipping/replacement, or from a software screen).

    All responses/contribution will be greatly appreciated ):
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    i heard 4172 stands for the build date.
    4= 2004
    17 = the 17th week
    2 = 2nd day

    so 4172 = 4/19/2004

    so..4064 = 2/4/2004

    i have the 4172 unit, and it is good but with blue tint. it is good to have an unit without blue tint. i might call PalmOne to get an exchange.
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    4147 = Nothing wrong with it.
    No blue camera dots, no blue tint on screen, all is well.

    3427 = Almost nothing wrong with it.
    Only issue was some minor blue dots when taking low level pictures. However, if I hold the Treo still for about 5 seconds or so, the blue dots disappear and all is well.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    I have a HAGAD3475 that has never given me any problems. Unless you want to count AT&T's crappy coverage!
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    HBSAD 4032 blue tint. speaker is bad ..... (refurb)
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    My 4127 sounds like MovieGene's 3427. The Speaker sounds fine to me and everything I've tried works OK. Granted it's my first Palm based unit (coming from an old Casisopea E-125 Pocket PC), but my experience thus far has been superb.
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    no issues to report.
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    HBSAD3395. Sprint. Speaker always sounded fine until I dropped it on a hardwood floor (for like the fifth time). No blue tint. There used to be blue dots on the camera image in very low light conditions, but after the 1.20 update the camera is great. Low light is still low light, but it does a pretty good job of finding a good exposure setting automajically. With no blue dots.
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    no problem whatsoever. nada. zilch. Still on the first Treo
    as for the speaker problem, read somewhere that its a result of overdriven speaker, seems true since when the call volume is set to max, for me sounds like I'm using the speaker usually it's set to mid volume.
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    4127 and the only problem is the blue dot issue. I also have the 3.04 firmware and it's my first Treo.
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    4107 and im mellow like jello
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    4172 very blue screen (not the camera). Had it replaced with 4083 and the problem went away.
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    4127 working perfectly
    Webhosting the way it should be.
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    3411 working great except for the moron who uses it.
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    4064... camera okay but speakerphone has bad echo

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