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    I am in know way connected to anyone, I can only speak from experience, but for those of you who were knew to smartphones with the Treo 300 or 600 here is what I have learned.

    I started with they Kyocera 6030 (or whatever it was called) and waited for the Kyocera 7135 for over a year after the announcement, but was never carried on Sprint. Then Samsung made a couple of them that turned out not to have the features I was after (expansion for backing up to SD and lots of accessories). It was also a full year from the time we first heard rumors of the Treo 600 until it was released. Rumors of the Treo 650 (610, ACE, etc) have been out now for around three monts - so I figure that we still have at least 4 or 5 months before it is actually released. For some fun, go back to some of the old pre-release threads for the Treo 600 (if they exist) and find the paralells to where we are at with the 650. One thing is for sure - release dates mean nothing until the phone is actually seen on shelves or people on here begin receiving them from PalmOne or Sprint or whetever.
    That's all.
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    I Wouldn't Doubt It If It Does Take A Few Months For The New Model To Come Out.

    The Good News Is That It Is Coming !!!

    Can't Wait, This Is What I Have Been Waiting For !
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