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    When I use the Speaker phone on my Treo the people on the other end say they hear themselves in an echo. Is there anything I can do to correct that or is that a flaw of the hardware?

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    Flaw in the hardware. If you get your handset replaced you may score one which does not have this problem.
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    I have upgraded to latest version 1.20 and the echo seems to be gone or greatly reduced
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    Try this, cycle thru the speakerphone during a call, in other words, turn speaker phone on, off, then back on again. This should get rid of the echo. Dont know why it works but it seems to work on alot of Treos.

    another observation I have made, at least with my phone. I tried the Cingular upgrade, and had echo, Tried the ATT upgrade with no echo, went back to Cingular, echo again, then went back to ATT, no echo. I cant promise that this will work for you, but it did for me...I am on ATT network so I dont know if this has something to do with it.

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    Virt- you are way off base here. There is no inherent design flaw causing echo in speakerphone. Returning the handset will make no difference.

    Echo in speakerphone mode is caused by sound from the speakerphone speaker entering the microphone. The sound is amplified and then re-amplified as it travels thru the phone audio amplifier - you then get an echo or a screech.

    The Treo 600 design lends itself to echo only because you can turn up the volume high enough to cause echo. The intention is to allow low signal conversations to be audible but if you have blaringly loud ATT service, for example, and you choose to use max volume on speakerphone, you can expect echo. So the message is, it's not the same as a conference room speakerphone appliance - just turn the volume down a bit if you get echo.

    Secondly, if you hold the Treo 600 in your hand while you are in speakerphone mode, you may inadvertently create an acoustic cup that funnels sound from the speaker to the mic. You are much better off putting the phone face down on a table or surface if you want to avoid this.

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