I currently have an unbranded T600 with Cingular service. I updated my firmware using the "Other Carriers" option meant for users with an unbranded GSM T600. With Cingular, you can set up a service called Info Alerts via www.mywirelesswindow.com. Info Alerts are basically customized SMS messages delivered to your phone on topics you want i.e. news, sports, entertainment. Anyways, when I previously had the 2.08 firmware, I would receive the 20 Info Alerts I signed up for with no problem on a daily basis. However, since upgrading to ROW 3.05, I have only been receiving 4 or 5 out of my 20 Info Alerts everyday. I called both Cingular and Handspring customer support, but they both said that they did not know what to do because they have not heard of anybody encountering this problem. Has anybody else been experiencing this problem? Please help!! Thanks!!!!