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    I've been using my Treo 600 for 5 months without any major issues. Now all of a sudden..for some reason the SMS app will not allow me to use the keypad. Every time I try and enter some text, it will just not enter anything. It works just fine in all the other apps like Memos, Docs to Go, Beyond Contacts etc. A soft reset does not help...a hard reset does the trick and so does the factory reset (K+<-+reset). Can anyone please help? I'm using the GSM version of the Treo and running the patched firmware that unlocked it from T-Mobile. Thanks,

    Edit: I just performed the ODD/Bogus upgrade to 3.04, and it went through succesfully, however the problem still persists. The keypad in the SMS app suddenly becomes inactive when the Treo acquires a network and latches onto it. I'm currently using Orange in Mumbai, India..and in the past 2 days, ive noticed a black triangle above the signal bar, which I believe indicates the presence of a valid GPRS network with access (which I have). When the black triangle comes on..thats when the keypad problem happens.
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    I had the same problem with Airtel in India. Strangely enough it will work when you travel in the US (and use say T-mobile). There are a number of threads that talk about it. One work around would be to downgrade to version 2.08 or something. THe other would be to use a third part software such as MaxTEXT.

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    I did manage to find a way across this problem. I had reinstalled the Palm Desktop manager a few days ago..and while going through the steps, it offers to connect to the 'net and download the latest phone settings from Palm. This is what causes the problem. What gets download are the latest GPRS/WAP settings for various operators and is stored in the store_preferences.prc file. I happened to notice that the keyboard goes inactive when the black triangle appears, i.e. the phone detects a valid GPRS network. Now, when I checked the GPRS settings in Prefs-> preloaded 2 settings..Hutch_GPRS and Hutch_MMS (Hutch is the same as Orange). These are the settings that were downloaded during the intallation of the Palm Desktop.
    Now, I deleted everything..and did NOT have the installer check for the latest settings..and it did not preload the GPRS a result the black triangle does not show up when the GPRS connection is "dormant" or "inactive" ...and the keypad works just fine.
    It does sound real strange that such a problem arises...a bug maybe? If so i'd love to know why.

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