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    I recently updated my Treo 600 to 3.05. According to the update document, it will update carrier setting on the phone.

    Now I want to setup the palm desktop on my office computer. During installation, it said it will look for any phone and desktop update via internet. Will it overwrite the new carrier setting in the 3.05 version?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Beside this, are there anythings I need to consider when syncing with 2 computers?

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    One handheld device, two desktop computers
    Many people like to keep two computers (such as home and work) in synch with their device. The key to making this work is that one of the desktop computers will merely hold a copy of the data on your device. If you attempt to do a two-way synchronization with both computers, your data can become very confused.

    On the computer that will hold a copy of user data, make the conduit settings for the four Palm Desktop conduits or for the four Outlook (PocketMirror) conduits to Handheld overwrites Desktop. You may have installed other conduits; consult the support information for those conduits. This arrangement lets you have your personal data copied to the second computer and also lets you install software from the second computer. Make data changes on the device when using the second computer; the data only travels to, not from it.

    Finally, use the most recent version of Palm Desktop in both locations (you can even sync with a Macintosh at work, and Windows at home).
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    I use Intellisync instead of pocket mirror and sync with two computers with no problem. My office computer and my home computer. I might add that I use Outlook and not the Palm Desktop. Somes times it does get confused. I can tell by the number of changes Intellisync reports will be udated. It also Lets you preview what is to be added, deleted, changed, etc. If it doesn't look right to me there's a re-sync function.

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