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    Ptunes goes into pause when a phone call is received on treo 600.
    But it does not start again after the phone call is disconnected
    (audible player does this).Is there a way make ptunes do this. I
    have gone through the prefs and googled the lists , but I can't find
    any information to achieve this. If this feature were supported, I
    could go totally handsfree with my 2-in-1 seido headset, and it
    wouldn't require me to press play after the call has ended.

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    Well mine pauses too, but then I go and unpause it manually while on the phone. I don't know about "phone" headsets, but with the 'walkman headphones', here's what I do:

    I keep the phone upside down, near my face, so the mic pics up my voice (actually, I generally do this at night, lying in bed, and lay the phone on my chest). I go to PTunes, and change the balance all the way to the right headphone. Then I hear the music in the right ear and the other person in the left.

    This probably isn't what you were looking for, but maybe it's a workable temporary solution..?
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