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    What is the diff? And how do I tell which one I have?
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    palmone treo 600s screens do not have the brightness that handspring screens have.
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    So, that is the ONLY diff? If palm ones are older, is there any other things to look out for? Olser firmware or version a vs version b?
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    PalmOne Treo 600's are the newer ones, and it's not true in all cases that Handspring units have a brighter screen.
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    So which one is better???? The newer one, or the older one? Doesn't the brighter screen draing the battery more?
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    Which ones report less troubles?
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    P1 is outsourcing alternate suppiers to makeup for the shortage of lcd screens it encountered earlier for the treos. Thus, there might be some variations on the screen quality/brightness on later manufactured Treos vs earlier ones. Besides that, there really should be no significant differences...
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    One apparent difference that I'm very happy about is the center button on the 5-way control.

    My handspring unit had a center button with very little travel, zero tactile feedback, and much too much resistance. It was incredibly difficult to hit with my thumb or my nail, and I could never tell if it had taken (except by application feedback, which, under many circumstances, could be delayed or non existent.)

    The PalmOne units I have, and have seen, have completely corrected all of my complaints: Travel, resistance, and feedback. After my former experience, it gives me a lot of pleasure, every time I use it.

    Of course, I have no way of knowing if this was fully handled on, before, or after, the first appearance of the PalmOne label.


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