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    I bought a 180G from ebay, but I got an error when trying to unlock it. I got the code from the and put it in, but it said it was NOT unlocked! I have ATT with the multiband plan (siemens s46). Now when I try to unlock again it does not work, and Network Search is displayed. It seems the wireless part of the Treo is disabled now!

    I went on to and I downloaded the Radio Reset application. I have ran it 3 times, and it does not work! I still get the Network Search when I turn on the wireless app.

    I have both ATT and T-Mobile service in this area. I have put both T-mobile and ATT SIM cards in the phone, and they are not recognized. I tried the same thing WITHOUT a SIM card, and I get the same result. It is as if the Treo is not even connecting with the SIM card at all.

    Any help for me? Is there any code to disable/reenable the wireless portion of the Treo? Also, I seem to have to hard reset the Treo daily. I am getting tired of reinputting and synchronizing my info. Any help?

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    I have a treo 180 I have put the codes of release from and it has succeeded the same thing to me. I have
    sent a mail to, but I have not had
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    I just bought a 180g from Tessie's Toys on eBay, and used the unlock code from TigerDirect with no trouble.

    From the tiger direct page:

    "These unlock instructions are specific to the units sold through our company. A matching IMEI number is necessary to obtain the proper "unlock" code specific to that unit. "

    If you noticed, there were two batches of 180gs from Tessie's Toys on ebay last week, one listed as T-Mobile with a buy-it-now of $74.99, and one listed as Unlocked with a buy-it-now of $82.99. They are *both* T-Mobile locked as shipped, but the auction for the latter includes the link to Tiger Direct. The individual auctions from Tessie's Toys were all listed as Unlocked. I bought one of these. It was locked, but then I followed the TigerDirect1 link from the $82.99 auction and it unlocked.

    I believe (just a theory) that there were two batches for auction, and the "cheaper" batch was *not* originally purchased through TigerDirect, and does not respond to the codes from their web page.
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    The unlock codes from TigerDirect only apply to phones that TigerDirect were selling themselves. There were other locked 180gs sold elsewhere. The eBay seller should have told you that it was locked because only the original wireless service provider can give you the unlock code; they will only give it out if you have an active contract. Palmone support never issues unlock codes - they are not permitted to; it would not make sense for them to be able to circumvent codes that re owned by the wireless service provider to protect their handset value.

    Talk to your eBay seller and get your money back - that's what I would do. It was a false sale.

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