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    Here is a review of SnapperMail that readers of TreoCentral migh find useful.
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    Forgetaboutthat! Where's there new version??????????????
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    I must be missing something. Isn't version 1.9.2 several months old?
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    Ted included this here because the article the link points to is one he wrote today.

    "Overall, this is a great email application for wireless Palm devices, and anyone who doesn't need Exchange server/Blackberry style email synchronization should use it.

    posted by ted at 3:12 PM
    Previous Posts

    * SnapperMail Premier 1.9.2 Review


    * 05.2004"

    Personally at this point, a review of an OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDD version is ridiculous when everyone is waiting for the release of version 2.

    Ted, umm....where have you been all this time.....the DESERT?

    I hate it when people post just to raise their number count.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    The latest on SM site says that they're releasing a "relatively stable beta" this month with the beta label to be lifted in July.

    And so the wait continues......

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