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    Can anyone give a reliable answer to the question of whether the Sprint 1.20 update properly enables the answer/end button on the Jabra earpiece?
    There have been several posts that hint at this, but none that say for sure.
    I am thinking about getting the Jabra dongle with the proper plug for my 600, and I would like to know if it is worth the time and money. I used my current Freespeak with my 300, and I really miss it. I tried the Unleash, but didn't like the earpiece.
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    I have the Sprint 1.20 update, the Jabra Freespeak for non Bluetooth phones. Unless there is some hidden command somewhere, the update makes not difference at all. I've heard that a program called Callfilter has a software switch that makes the headset Answer/End function work correctly with Treo 600 but I haven't found anyone, including the software maker, who will respond to my questions. Might be the holidays. We'll see. I like this headset and use an older version of Callfilter, so i'm hopeful. :-)
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    Thanks for the info. The thread discussing the Callfilter fix has been inactive for about 2 weeks. Other replies there show a need for a fix for the Freespeak independent of the Callfilter program. I have no need for that function, but would williingly pay for a solution to the Freespeak problem.

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