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    Is there a site where I can find by cell phone number who the provider is? used to be able to do that if I sent an sms via their site and it returned a message that a sms was sent to xyz provider etc. but microcio no longer works.
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    With cell phone number portability, you can have any number with any provider, so I doubt that there is a way to tell anymore.
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    This used to work: But as "wcarlson40" said, I am not sure how accurate it would be now.
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    Just for grins I did a check on the prefix for my cell number and it lists as a Sprint prefix. However, my provider is T-Mobile, not Sprint. In fact the list of prefixes for my city does not list T-Mobile at all. I am guessing that T-Mobile must subcontract from Sprint.

    Also, I was having trouble figuring out how to correctly set the times in City Time. I think I finally figured out how make it display the correct times for various cities, etc.
    I wondered how to learn one's map coordinates. Here is a good URL for learning the coordinates closest to your ZIP code:
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    Thanks for the link. I checked mine as well as a friend's # and it correctly identified the provider (Sprint). I guess it does not always correct per results you posted.
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    Maybe, the website would not work anymore with the being able to port your number from one provider to another.

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