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    Okay after giving up on trying to unlock the Treo 180g I purchased through Ebay I just activated a new line with TMobile and so far it is working great! With just the exception that I do not have AOL Instant messenger and my buddy list..I have gone to various websites for software but cannot seem to find a download that is compatiable with this model..any ideas?
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    This should work for ya AIM .
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    Hated paying the 19.95 but I am now set with my Buddy list and so on..thank you all so much for your help with this! If anyone is going to sell a Palm with a colour screen that will work with TMobile in the next few months e-mail me first Have a great day!!!!
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    you really didnt have to pay the 19.95 to get AIM for your PDA.

    The UK site for AOL had it for free.

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