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    Anyone taking the plunge? Post reviews & views
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    Tried one yesterday, the plastic molding around the plug barrel is to big for the plug to fit reliably in the Treo. Pity because it sounded great.
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    I checked the price for the Earset 1 on eBay. Wow - $169.00 is a lot for a wired headset! This is even more than TheBoom. It seems like a very cool headset, but it is a hair to rich for my blood...

    Here are the eBay listings:
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    Does anyone know if a Radio Shack might have an adapter that would make the B&O fit the Treo better? Curious.
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    In addition to being a beautiful piece, that has got to be one of the most insanely genius marketing moves I've even had the ability to recognize. Amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzer
    Pity because it sounded great.
    It'd be interesting to see how this headset performs under (1) noisy situations, (2) situations when you have to whisper softly. A number of headsets perform well in situation 1, but as for number 2, only theBoom (so far) cuts it.
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    I have purchased the B & O headset and love it. Simply the best sounding headset I have ever used. Making it fit the treo was extremely simple. All I had to do was take a razor blade and trim some of the rubber away around the plug. Under the coating it is merely a metal plug, and all you have to cut is a very tiny amount away. Took just a second and the plug fits perfectly.

    Additionally, I often walk and converse around NY City with this headset and it is very very rare that anyone knows I am on a headset. It does not pick up a great deal of background noise.

    As for the price, it is steep; though it does come with a full three year unconditional B & O warranty, assuming you purchase it from a B & O store.
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    Hey mavrick, how about when you whisper/talk softly into it? A good headset (eg. theBoom) will allow the person on the other line to actually hear what you said and be aware that you are whispering. While lesser ones will invoke a "can you speak louder" response.

    Can you test it out for us?
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    I'm definitely interested in this headset. B&O makes phenomenal equipment. My Dad has a B&O stereo system he bought in 1982 that is still one of the best-sounding systems I've ever heard.
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    The B & O headset certainly passes the whisper test. Whether in a car, or walking down NY City street, you can whisper and still be heard. I have never had any complaints from any person I have been talking to.
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    mav, thanks for the various responses!
    Guess I can go ahead and take the plunge now
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    mav, got a few last minute questions to ask:

    1. When plugged in, do the ringer, system & mp3 sounds play through the headset or the Treo itself?

    2. Does the answer/end call button work? Can it answer an incoming call and hang up an ongoing one?

    Thanks in advance

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    I was wondering about these as well. have the B&O Cordless phones in my house, along with a corded one, and they are great. They last forever, sound very good and look quite stylish. I might get one of the headsets as well now that I know they work with the Treo 600.
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    Well I took the plunge; Here are my observations.

    The Pros:
    The look is beautiful a real work of art.
    The Fit is great more adjustments than I have ever seen.
    Sound quality is amazing.
    Love the on off button.( a must have for me)

    The Cons:
    Cost! $250.00 I have seen them on Ebay New for $169.00 but you do not get the 7 day return policy or the 3 year warranty.
    The sound quality on the receiving end ( the person I am calling) is not remarkable but clear; No one has complained much with the exception of my beautiful wife who's judgement may be clouded by the price
    I have to have a headset as much as I am on the phone and B&O is the leader in sound in design as far as I am concerned.
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    Anyone try this on the 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exciter
    Anyone try this on the 650?
    Not unless B&O come up with a Bluetooth version... mmm *drooooooool*
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    The Shure QuietSpot earsets are by far the best wired sets I've seen/used. Sound on either end is great and the price is right ($39). I find it hard to believe the Bang & Olufsen is so much better to justify a $169 - $250 price .
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    The Shure QuietSpot earsets are by far the best wired sets I've seen/used. Sound on either end is great and the price is right ($39). I find it hard to believe the Bang & Olufsen is so much better to justify a $169 - $250 price .
    But there is a difference of class.
    Porsche vs Toyota would be a comparison.
    They are both great cars.
    Depends on what you need.
    B&O is a different class . I would buy in heartbeat if they make on with bluetooth.

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