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    I can get for $450 in July direct from sprint.
    Anyone buy on ebay?
    What about those deals from amazon or treocentral store?
    (i have existing agmt)

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    I just picked mine up from Best Buy for $400 after the $150 Sprint rebate, which requires a 2-year contract. If you look closely at the Amazon rebate you'll see that it requires proof of activation so it's no good for existing customers. :-( CompUSA occasionally runs a special for $350 after rebates - keep an eye out.

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    Best Buy is the best place to buy because you can get the 2 year replacement policy. With that policy if anything goes wrong with your Treo 600 they will give you a brand new one, not a refab like with Sprint's insurance plan. Also, if you have a problem with your Treo 600 from Best Buy their plan allows you to use the money spent on the Treo 600 torwards a totally different device if you don't want another Treo 600.

    So say a Treo 700 comes out next year. You are ticked about issues you are having with your Treo 600 and want the Treo 700. You take your Treo 600 to Best Buy and show them the issues and that you need a replacement. And you tell them you don't want a new Treo 600, you want to use the money spent on the Treo 600 towards a new Treo 700. Then you only pay the difference in price .

    Best Buy's policy helps you keep your options open. I feel almost like a beta tester especially after the issues with this last Treo Update. So I like having a policy I can use when I feel ready that gives me lots of options.
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    I agree that Best Buy offers the best price and has the service plan. But read the fine print. I have a Palm 515 with which I am having problems. I have a service agreement and was told when I purchased it that if I had problems, they do not repair them, but simply give you a credit. That was the case two years ago. I read the agreement when I bought it, and it did say they will repair or replace at their discretion . I tried to get it replaced and upgrade to the Treo- no way. They have replaced so many Palms, that it cost them too much money and they offered only to repair it. As the Treo 600 retails for $600.00 and my Palm Pilot $399.00, I doubt they will replace it so easily. Read the fine print - what the salesman "says" is irrelevant.
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    Yea that was discussed here back when the Treo 600 first came out and people were using the Best Buy plan to upgrade from the Treo 300. The key is that you have to have an issue that cannot be repaired and requires a replacement.

    I'm not going to give it all away, but there are plenty of issues that can be claimed and cannot be repaired.
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    If old post from that far back are still on this board you can see some of the claims made to get upgrades. And I tell you, I'm surprised some of those ideas even worked. But any defect that cannot be repaired will do.
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    Thanks all, but best buy doesn't have any in stock and there are no stores here where I live in any case.

    treocentral store is selling for 399 or $449. Does anyone know how they validate new line or adding a line?
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    I just got mine from ATT Wireless directly. As a current gsm customer, I told them I was having trouble with my existing phone and they gave me an extra $50 off the $499 advertised price.
    So far so good. Upgraded to latest firmware and everything is working great.
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    Bought mine for an even $300 directly from Sprint with all instant rebates I believe
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    ??? how did you do that? a treo 600 for $300? what rebates did you take advantage of? TIA
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    I resigned my 2 year contract and they were willing to add another 150 on top of the 150 that they already offered online so the total came out to being 300. Of course, I had to sign my life away for another two years but half the price of retail is hard to resist

    TIA? What is that mean?
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    TIA = Thanks In Advance
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    And in case you get stumped on any other acronyms (and there are lots in the tech world), you can always go here:

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    Oh ok thank you. I wasnt even thinking TIA was that kind of acronym. I thought that TIA was some kind of discount name or something because he was asking rebates and said TIA right after. My fault tho lol

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