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    I've developed some yellow spots on the screen-- they are yellow regardless of what is supposed to be displayed there. With the screen off, I can see some slight marking on the screen where the yellow spots are, but I cannot wipe or clean them off the screen. Any thoughts on what might be happening here?


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    i got the same problem before. fortunately, my dealer replaced the unit at no cost - it was covered by the warranty. I think it may have been a leak in the LCD - the yellow blot started small but slowly got bigger and bigger.
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    Does anyone else have a yellowish tint at the bottom, corners, and side of your screen. Mine has a definite yellow tint that seems to come and go.
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    I have a small amount of a yellow tint around my screen, from what i hear a lot or all Treo 600's have it... Is it worth my time abouta hours drive away, to take it back?
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    Anyone? Its very very unnoticable only in white areas, infact you all may have it and say you dont because thats how PICKY I am lol!!!
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    Seems like I remember reading about this happening to other folks here. Oh well, it's the weekend, maybe on Monday.

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    Yeah, I'm deciding whether I should take it back after only having it for a week. They might think I'm picky or crazy. I have it on the right side and on the bottom and on the left and a little bit on top.
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    I do. And it never went away.
    Now, it has grown a slight curve.
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    I just exchanged my treo because the other one's 5-way nav button was defective. The new one I got is a Rev C and there's something strange on the screen. It's a small yellowish dot near the bottom middle-left about the size of a pixel. At first I thought it was a burnt out pixel, but it's not. It feels like its on the screen and you can scrape it off, but it wont come off. You can see it whether the screen is on or off. It's not that big of a deal, but it's just slightly annoying. Anyone else ever see this?
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    I've got the same experience except that it was 3 dots near the centre top right of the screen. It happened suddenly one night after dinner and I thought it was some particle or dust that got under the screen.

    Went to the local distributor to get it fixed but even they could not confirmed what it was. At the end, the just gave me a replacement unit and marked that one down as dead-pixels.

    Is this a common problem?
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    Hey guys,

    Just got my 4th replacement Treo600 and after 2 days it has developed a big orange blotch on the screen. Now I can't see anything?? Anyone have this happen, is there any way to fix it, or am I going to have to call again and get a 5th replacement???

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    call again
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    I have 2 orange "blotches" in the lower center part of my screen. They are small but an eye sore. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there some way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance
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    Earlier today I noticed an irregular yellow spot fixed on the screen. I'm not quite sure what caused this spot as i've never dropped the phone or even subjected it to any jarring or pressure. I keep the damn thing in it's case 24/7 and handle it as delicately as if it were a bag of nitroglycerin.

    I already realize that this spot is not going away on it's own. Do you guys know if Handspring will replace my phone? I purchased it about 3 months ago.
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    It's pretty doubtful - yoiu may have inadvertently been putting pressure on the screen perhaps when snapping the case shut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mwomwom
    It's pretty doubtful - yoiu may have inadvertently been putting pressure on the screen perhaps when snapping the case shut.
    This just happened to me - there was a dim yellowish blotch on the left side of the screen about as big as my thumb. I was able to "tune it out" for a while using the contrast and brightness controls, but that affected my other programs adversely - the were all too "blown out" looking because of the changes I made to the screen brightness...

    Finally, I brought it into the sprint store and they replaced it with a brand new unit - no questions asked. The only difference was that my old unit was "Handspring" branded and the new one was "palmOne." Also, I had to perform the system update on the new unit - which was no big deal.

    IMO - turn it in and get a new one. You spent too much on it to be frustrated by the screen!

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    This is weird...I've got a yellow spot on mine, too. Bottom right side of screen...just started a couple weeks ago. Mine's a rev. C.
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    I just got off the phone w/ T-Mobile and their sending me a new phone....I asked if it was a refurb or a genuinely new phone and the guy said that it would most likely be a refurb.

    This sux...I spent the last three months trying to keep this phone brand new, always keeping it in it's case, using screen protectors, etc. There isn't one scratch, knick, or blemish anywhere on this damn phone besides the yellow spot on the screen. With my luck, i'll get the refurb from someone who's dog used their Treo600 as a chew toy.
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    LZMutant, where did you originally buy it from? Will they do this if you didn't get it from Sprint? Were you within 90 days?
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