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    I just noticed that I have yellow spots on my screen...these seem to be dead spots. I emailed customer support and they said I have left the screen is that possible??? It shuts off automaticaly...any ideas out there???
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    ideas, yes get it replaced if under warranty. I had two T600's replaced for that.
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    same here, happened to my wife's twice.
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    I just had mine replaced for that, too, but mine were orange. When I got the new one, I immediately joined the equipment replacment program because my warranty only had one more month left. I wonder what causes those orange dots??? Anyone know?
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    Perhaps you left your screen on? 8-)
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    How can you leave the screen on? April Fool's was yesterday. LOL
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    So I was starting to get spots on my Treo just as I got it replaced for the power issue, so now I'm on my 3rd phone.

    And I was so sure I was gonna get a 650 out of it cuz the 600's are getting rare for the customer care reps to replace with.

    Oh well, next time I guess.
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    Yes, this is a known defect. Get it replaced before your warranty runs out (hopefully it's not too late).
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    so I received my replacement for my pwr issue and I think the entire screen is drifting to yellow.
    has this been seen?
    sometimes its white and sometimes its yellow.
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    Mine were orange, started with 1 pixel, but grew after I first noticed into a spider-shaped blob. I got a replacement, when I called P1 it sounded like it was a known problem.
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    I called the palmone number 813-313-4913 and they walked me through the process and a referb is on the way...hope its a 650...but I doubt it.
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    Wow - I just had 3 or 4 orange spots 2 days ago - now it's a spider-looking thing. I'm about 5 months out of warranty - I'm guessing I'm out of luck, but might call PalmOne anyway...
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    I am on my 6th Treo. I had yellow spots in one, then blue and orange spots in 2 others. Customer support was always good, never faulted me. Offered replacement and got it promptly. They think the newer 600 have resolved the screen issues. So far I had this one for 5 weeks.Hope it will last.
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    I handle my treo 600 with pet gloves and with great care, but for no reason this orange spot shows up on my screen. What is this orange spot? what caused it? and how do I get rid of it? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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    Yeah, I got that too. I think you have a refurbished Treo 600? I bought a refurbished Treo 600 from eBay and then it had an orange spot. I returned it, so they must've sent the one that I returned to you.

    I got so angry that I just bought a new one from my cellular provider for $360.
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    Just acquired a small ORANGE "scratch" on my Treo 600 screen in the shape of the state of Texas . No "scratch" felt or seen when my screen is OFF. Anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance.
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    If you cannot feel it, then are you sure it is a scratch and not a crack?

    You may want to drop in to your local store to see what they think about it....
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    This is a deffect that happens to some (many?) phones. Do a search here. Return it for a replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realtygal
    Just acquired a small ORANGE "scratch" on my Treo 600 screen in the shape of the state of Texas . No "scratch" felt or seen when my screen is OFF. Anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance.
    Could be that a bunch of pixels wnt bad.
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