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    If the screen is smashed, they will not warranty that. Be sure to explain the difference between negligence (when my treo flew out of my golf cart - smashed) and manufacturing defect (when my treo stopped syncing).
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    That was what sucked about it - the orange blob was over the "Hang Up" button - the one that you use the most sand I do not push hard...they refused to ackonwledge that the screens were prone to this. I need to find a better sprint store.
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    Okay, just got up and am experiencing the Orange "Blob" in the lower right quadrant of my screen. For those of you that got replacements from PalmOne, were they refurbished? I have an unlocked GSM 600 that I purchased directly from them and would assume that going through T-Mobile would do me no good.
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    I had the orange blobs on a replacement from T-mo. They replaced the replacement.
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    has anyone found an orange spot on the screen of there treo?
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    This is due to dead pixels. There are numerous posts on this subject in other threads. They will not go away, but likely get worse.
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    do you think its covered under warranty.
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    The problem unfortunately will get worse and you will need to get a replacement. It's a well known problem to palmOne and the wireless carriers and it is a covered item, provided they do not see anything that would indicate that the screen was damaged.

    Depending upon who you deal with, you may have to be very firm regarding the issue of replacement. My wireless provider is Verizon, and when I had this problem I was in and out of the store with a new Treo within 15 minutes. Others have had more challenges getting their phone replaced.

    Good luck.
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    sounds to me like your going to have to send it back for a refurbished unit.good luck.
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    I had this problem with my #3 Treo. I bought mine at the Palm store but Verizon(my carrier) replaced it. I am now on Treo # 5 - all kind of different problems. I started in September this year. Is it a record for replacements?
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    I just got this problem recently and am getting it replaced (it will by my 3rd 600).
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    i called my psp and they were very understanding my provider is t mobile.they are sending me a replacement as we speak.
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    Just got them this morning, Verizon is sending a replacement phone.
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    Sadly the orange screen effect seems permanent. One of my clients had a Verizon Treo 600, and this happened. We had it replaced under warrenty. I wonder though, what happens when the warrenty runs out and it happens again?
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    today when I awoke up I saw that strange thing on the center (Treo 600) of my screen. Help an Thanks! Alvaro
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    search the forum
    others have called it a bright spot or a yellow spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacTreoAlbb
    today when I awoke up I saw that strange thing on the center (Treo 600) of my screen. Help an Thanks! Alvaro
    it is a known issue from p1. i had the yellow dots thing on the screen and i asked for a replacement. 2nd replacement was bad in the battery and on 3rd replacement, finally it seems working ok.

    if you purchased it directly from p1, call p1 to get exchange. if you bought it from your wireless provider, call your wireless provider for an exchange.
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    Well, I'm glad to see I'm not alone.... I've had my 600 for three months, babied it, never dropped it, and this morning I find three orange pixels. Never knew I'd find company in this matter. I keep it in a Rhinoskin leather case, with a screen protector on. I almost NEVER use the stylus on it.

    If you get it replaced, is it definite you'll get a refurb? I see something very wrong with paying $400 for an item that doesn't work, and then getting a formerly broken one under the warranty.

    Has anyone had this prob WITHOUT it getting worse? I don't want to replace it if I don't have to.
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