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    So I have a bunch of orange pixels in the middle of my screen, they started this morning and have increaded during the day, I have a Covertec side case but it doesn't seem to be pressing on the screen.
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    That's the start of the dead pixels. It will grow bigger as time goes on. Had the same one. Call in for replacement.
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    Crap, crap, crap, I was afraid of that, oh well it did last almost 6 months
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    Any idea how I check which version of the 600 I currently have?
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    On your phone application, press :menu: I, that should display your firmware, software and hardware versions.
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    My treo has a strange looking orange squiggle across the screen - I assume that the pixels are damaged. Have tried a search on here but to no avail - has anyone else had this happen - is this common - should I send back for a replacement now - should send back for a replacement when Orange UK have hopefully run out of 600s and have to send me a 650 instead??


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    Dead and/or orange pixels for me too. First phone replacement - I have had it since March '04. Unbranded on T-mobile. No case, just e-grips and screen protector.
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    Took me long enough, but I finally got around to swapping out my phone. Or beginning the process. Sprint customer, went back to the store I bought the Treo from in May. Employee took my phone into the back, returned a few minutes later and asked if I had the insurance package. I do and he handed me an insurance card to call lock-line for the orange dots. Told me the guy in the back said it was caused by physical damage. I replied that the phone had not been damaged and that the issue was getting worse on its own, I felt it should be under warranty. He said nope and wouldn't budge. I took the card and left.

    Got home, pulled out the manual, looked up what isn't covered and still believe this issue is, others here had replacements no trouble. So, followed the manual's instructions, went to the Handspring website which of course redirected me to PalmOne. Since I'm with Sprint, PalmOne's site directed me to Sprint's site. Didn't find anything on Sprint's site about it, called their customer service. Nice person answered, passed me on to tech support. Tech support (a guess, but I think it was in India or similar, based on accent and background voices) told me they only handle voice support and that he would pass me on to Vision support. Vision support couldn't find the issue listed, kicked me to Tier 2. Tier 2 was very nice, agreed that the issue was definitely under warranty and asked if I had gone to a Sprint store. I said yes, she checked the one I went to, said it did not have a service center so they didn't have a tech to check the phone. Dunno who the guy in the back room was who said it was physical damage...

    So, she writes up the notes on my account, sans any obvious damage to the phone they'll replace it. Found two Sprint stores with service centers within a few miles of where I was and off I went. At the store, nice gentleman asked how he could help me, I showed him the phone with the orange dots and he said something like, "my technician has already left but I don't need him to see you need a new phone." A few minutes later I left with a receipt for a refurbished phone, due in about a week.

    Persistance and politeness paid off. I think that's part of the disparity in responses from Sprint stores...perhaps those without service centers are less interested in swapping phones for customers. Keep at it, or check first if they have a service center.

    Now I just have to hope the refurb model is in decent shape...
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    Can anyone call PalmOne for a replacement or do you HAVE to go through your insurance or cell carrier ?
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    So are bad displays covered under warranty or only insurance?
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    The orange pixels have now spread into a large blob, curiously resembling a seahorse. My replacement Treo cannot come fast enough.
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    I just noticed a little orange blob/speck on my Treo 600 screen. It wasn't there yesterday! it is about 1mm to 2mm long and very thin - about the width of a very sharp pencil line. It acts like it is "sandwiched" between the outer screen and whatever screen would be beneath that. If I push on it, it moves around and will change its shape and position. This is very hard to describe.

    Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Is there any way to make it go away?

    HELP, PLEASE!!!!!
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    Defective screen. pretty common. Get a warrany replacement. Search around and you'll see you're not alone.

    good luck
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    Thanks for the input!

    Any suggestions on the best route to take for the warranty replacement with Verizon?
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    I just got off the phone with Verizon. The new Treo is on the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucestorey
    I just got off the phone with Verizon. The new Treo is on the way!

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    oh, so thats a warranty thing and not an insurance thing? awesome... a few people i work with have that, now i can just order replacements without worrying about collecting deductible...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    Defective screen. pretty common. Get a warrany replacement. Search around and you'll see you're not alone.

    good luck

    who do you call (what number if palm) for the warranty? i got the blob.

    i got mine from handspring.
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    Sprint told me they would not warranty screens....I had a nice fight with the store manager who held firm. The volume buttons were fortunately broken so he OKd that. Ridiculous.
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