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    I just got the bright orange dot in the middle of the screen starting today. Only had this unit for about 2 months and it was brand new from the store (it was the replacement for my original 600). So do i call PalmOne technical service or Sprint and will they indeed replace it or merely laugh at me.
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    Just got 'em too... about 3 months into my replacement Treo 600. It started as about 6 pixels, but has grown to a couple dozen... and actually moved slightly to the left. What's going on?
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    yeah already today there are a few more dots. I just wonder if they'll tell me i dropped my phone and thats why it happened and therefore not covered under my warrenty. My phone was definetly NOT dropped, so i have no idea why it started.
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    Oh, oh, mine just showed up now. Do I call Palm or T-Mo?
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    Brought my treo 600 to the local Sprint store... they checked it for an hour, then issued a replacement.
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    Any ideas why would dead pixels start showing up in the T600? I called mine for replacement.
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    i bought a laptop that had a dead pixel the day it was sent to me. it could be just about any reason. i've never had a dead pixel on a cell but this is my first pda/phone.
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    dead pixel on laptop or the T600?
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    I got my Treo 600 a couple of months ago. Went to bed last night the screen looked great. Got up this morning and I have orange dots in 2 areas in the upper portion of the screen. My phone has been well treated and other than locking up in phone mode, it has performed well. I'm curious, does PalmOne or a representative ever review or respond to this forum?
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    My phone has the strange orange illness too! My first treo I had for a couple months-treated it very kind, suddenly it had orange dots on it, and they started getting bigger..took it to the sprint store and they ordered another phone for me. Now it has been 2 weeks later and my second phone has the orange pixels as well!! It's very weid..someone told me it might be a virus on the phone, but it definitely looks like dead pixels. Guess I have to go back to Sprint again..they have no idea what it is either.
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    Definitely dead pixels. According to Palm CS, caused by hard pressing on the screen.
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    I had the same orange pixels appear on my screen last week. They have spread little every day.

    I left the phone at my local Sprint store so the tech could check it out. His verdict was that it wasn't covered under warranty since the dead pixels were caused by pushing on the screen too hard.

    No way that's what caused it, though. I baby that phone like it's my first-born. If it's caused by pressing too hard, then the phone has a design flaw because normal pressure and average use would have to be considered "too hard".

    I appealed the tech's decision to the store manager who had to admit that since the phone didn't have any visible wear on it, it very well could be due to a design flaw. He ordered a replacement phone for me that should arrive in a couple days.
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    Yeah I was at the Sprint store today and they've ordered me a replacement as well.

    Will the one we get be a new or refurbished Treo 600?

    Let me know what you get.
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    Anyone got a picture to share - I'd love to see what it looks like?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdavid
    Yeah I was at the Sprint store today and they've ordered me a replacement as well.

    Will the one we get be a new or refurbished Treo 600?

    Let me know what you get.
    Yes, chances are you will get refurbished ones, at least that's what I had and what Palm states on their site.

    I don't know about Sprint, they may have their own stock of new ones.
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    Have had my Verizon Treo 600 for about 17 days, and I am noticing a yellowish splotch in the center mid portion of the screen.

    a) is this normal?
    b) is this fixable?
    c) do I need to get this Treo 600 replaced?
    d) If the answer to (c) is YES, then how do I "backup" all my program settings (like Snappermail mail servers and preferences) so that when I get the new device I do not have to redo everything.

    Thank you. I am new to Palm/Treo/Handspring so if these are newbie questions... your reply is even more appreciated.
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    Although I have no firsthand experience with the yellow spots, previous threads have identified them as "broken pixels" The spots will probably spread, much like a cracked windshield. Do a hotsynch to save as much as you can. Even better is a backup to an SD Card. If you don't have an SD Card, time to get one.

    There are several good backup programs for the SD Card. I have had good luck with Backupman, which will start you with a demo, but well worth the small price to buy. There are others that also do fine.

    Good luck and don't wait to long to start your replacement process. (whatever it is for Verizon)

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    I left my Treo 300 sitting on the seat of my car under some papers and the sun managed to burn the pixils out through the papers and through the clear shield. Chances are ya probably left it in the sun somewhere. At first it wasn't a big deal, couldn't see some stuff, but managable. Quite quickly it spread to where I could see just about nothing. Reduced my poor treo to nothing but a phone (without caller id). Long story short, now I own a Treo 600, not a 300.

    - Phil -
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    I just had VZW swap my Treo 600 for a new one because I developed a white spot in the middle of the screen after about three weeks. (BTW, my Treo had never been left out in the sun.) The new one is fine, but I've noticed the screen has a blue/green tint as compared to a slightly blue tint on my old one. I always use Backupbuddy and the transfer of all of my settings and data was painless. I was up and running with the new Treo minutes after I fully charged it and VZW activated it.
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