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    Okay, give me a few days
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo
    Consider yourself lucky. When I needed a repalcement a few weeks ago there was 'no way' Verizon said they would repalce it with a 650.
    that's completely true on the first two. I had this issue myself. Turns out they have a "third strike" policy that comes into play on the third replacement in 6 months.

    Now I've got a 650 with a crappy radio and a screen that turns off and makes me pull the battery to put it back in again.

    Be sure and ask specifically about the "third strike" policy. And ask the tech guys, not the customer service clowns, most of them don't know a thing about treos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Allison
    Okay, give me a few days
    Thanks ...
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    I finally gave up on my Treo 600 with the orange spot as it grew enough to cover information I cannot see. I called in to TMo and ask for a replacement (they now charge $100).

    Anyway, once I got the replacement device, I started cleaning up my older Treo 600 for software I very seldom use. I uninstalled them normally and run hotsync to backup. Once I have cleaned up the unused software, I went through filez to see if there are left over stuff, sure enough there are, so I have started deleting those as well. To cut short, after I deleted left over files, I can't hotsync, it says "Unable to initiate HotSynch operation (port in use)". I did hard reset (full erase of everything), it still says the same thing.

    Any ideas?

    I have restored from my SD back using BackupMan and hotsync works again but I just have no clue what I've deleted to cause port in use issue, when even a full hard reset would not restore the hotsync function.
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    same orange spot on my TREO. T-mobile told me it was moisture in the screen introduced during manufacturing. now they telling me user damage.. I can't believe this many users causing the same orange dots/spots on the treo600. and they want to charge me $100. told my cr.card to decline any such charge. T-MOBILE LIES AND CHEATS THEIR CUSTOMERS. TRYING TO GET $$$ TO COVER THE COST OF ORIGINALLY GIVING OUT FREE PROMOTIONAL PHONES. THEN THEY REPLACE DEFECTIVE PHONES WITH REFURBISHED TREOS.
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    Hello friends,
    I am getting some orange spots on my treo screen. Actually initially there were only a few but later on it increased some more. I go to any application or on the launcher screen these spots are there. This is not some dirt on the outside of the screen and hence I can't wipe it away. I think this is a malfunction of the display. Please do advise.
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    Search and you will find answers! I have the dreaded orange spots as well - they are dead pixels. My T600 was 10 months old when this happened
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    Welcome to T/C.
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    I got a yellow spot in the bottom right corner the other day. Units been OK since the end of Feb. 05. I dunno if my carrier (Rogers) will get involved or I have to deal with Palm.
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    I suggest that you ask your carrier first. Sometimes you get quicker response since they would be local in your case.
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    I am having another problem, when I press the Power button on my Treo 600, the screen turns on, with a lot of several white lines running horizontally and they go away after 1-2 secs. Then the display looks fine after that. i am sensing that this is the beginning of a display problem, and the phone is now 9 months old, and I have spent the last 4 months sending to Singapore for replacement, and despite 3 replacements, there is some problem or the other. Does the Treo 650 too have such similar problems?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $nothing$ $has$ $been$ $reported$ $on$ $the$ $650$ $except$ $for$ $an$ $earlier$ $posting$ $in$ $this$ $thread$.
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    I love my Treo 600 and have it had for about 14 months. Recently, a small, orange, squiggly line has appeared on my Treo screen. Initially I thought that the orange mark was on the screen. However, it is clear that this squiggly line is beneath the screen. Although my mind may be playing tricks on me, I think the orange squiggly mark is getting bigger. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Yes, a search would have produced results on this topic. They are dead pixels and will grow in time.
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    Welcome to TreoCentral!

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    I'm going to bump this thread because my Handspring December '03 Treo 600 all of a sudden showed a yellow 'bright spot' on my screen. :-( I just overcame the 'network search' problem with a battery replacement.

    It's frustrating because it becomes evident after reading these forums that these issues are not coincidental. They have very specific causes which can be traced back to manufacturing defects. But we'll never get an acknowledgement from Palm about it.

    I did not buy the insurance and I wish I had. But if my phone had developed these issues within the first year, I would have been taken care of. It probably would have been a hassle, but maybe I could have worked my way to a 650 replacement. But since I had no issues until I was a few months out of warranty, I'm out of luck.

    Just a bit of venting.
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    Ive had orange blotches, spiralling into a line, that over night popped up on my treo a few days ago. Ive only had it for less than a month. Unfortunaltely, i bought mine brand new off of ebay, so i dont if the warranty exists from that. If i can avoid taking it to tmobile, i will so i wont get a refurbished replacement. This really sucks. First smartphone, and paid almost $300 for faulty hardware. Can anyone tell me if the warranty covers an ebay purchase?
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    I bought a T-600 off eBay about 6 months ago. Two months later, the screen developed the yellow-orange blotches. Palm replaced it free. They told me that it was under warranty, based on the serial number I gave them. The first phone they sent was essentially inoperable, but the immediate replacement was fine, and still going. I recommend that you call; you might get lucky.
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    Help! It started with one the other day, and has since grown into several that spider out in several directions. How can I stop it? Can I fix it?


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