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    Has anybody used Tmo's international GPRS roaming service ("International Internet") in Europe @ 1.5 Cents per kb? (see )

    Is the service reliable, ie, do you easily connect to the GPRS network to get data or do you end up connecting to a GSM network?

    I am traveling to Europe soon, and I will need to check my e-mail frequently, so I was thinking of switching to T-mobile to get this service.

    Thanks for any input.
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    I did last summer with my Treo 180, but not since upgrading to the 600, although I don't think that should matter as to your questions. Worked fine. I signed on regularly over about 10 days in Italy to retrieve office e-mail using Visto.
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    I'm on T-Mobile and recently was in Europe for 10 days. In both Italy and France it worked flawlessly. I didn't have to do anything. My 600 roamed to the correct network, all I did was tap send and receive just as I always did and it worked with no problems at all. Of course the bill wasn't so pleasant when I got home. Good think I have it set to receive only the first 3K of each message!

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