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    I just got the Treo 600 and have added a few apps. I'm surprised how little of the memory is left! I believe there is 24MB; I seem to be using 21MB! I've tried programs like FileZ, but the total file sizes don't come close to 21MB. Does the system use a lot of RAM? Are lots of "hidden" files? What's the deal?

    MY SD card sems to show the actual usage.

    Is there a program out there that will tell me where the memory really goes or how to manage it better?

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    GEt the app called FileZ for your treo. It will let you see any hidden apps, as well as ROM files too. You will find the PRC very useful.

    Also, Are you using the OE mail app, if so, it has an issue with not deleting files and eating up memeory too.

    Hope this is helpful, Matt
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    Thanks for the suggestions- I'll try filez.

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    No problem William, if nothing more, it's fun to play with. ALso an app/prc called Invisable is neat too. It lets you unhide or hide apps from the treo, like the OE Contacts app, that you can't get to with out it. YOu even get a neat contacts icon for it.

    Here is a link to Invisable at Palmgear


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