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    After doing the recent Sprint upgrade, I now have new Palm screenshots. (I bought the phone when it was Handspring.) I noticed recently that the screenshot that appears when I insert my card or change between programs now includes the following Text -- "Hang on, Greg . . ." I assume this is harmless, and assume it was attached or included with some software I must have installed. Anyone else notice it? Any idea what software may have added this message?
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    /me cringes in embarassment...

    Are you using Zlauncher with a custom skin...? If so, I have a funny feeling that I designed that skin and included that screen for my own amusement.

    I forgot about it when I shared that skin with other users.

    If my theory is correct, please email me:
    ..when you have responded to this message.

    I'll do a version of that skin that doesn't have a name in it, and post it here :-)


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