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    Firstly, let me apologise for this posting but, as you can tell from my nym, I am Clueless. ;-}}

    I have looked through the postings and I am totally confused by what I find and so I hope all of you kind folks will take pity on me and spell things out in words of one syllable.

    I have a Treo600 locked to Orange in the UK. The firmware is 01.15, the software is Treo600-1.0-OUK and the hardware is B.

    All I want to do is to unlock this beast so that I can use any sim card in it. I am not interested in upgrading the firmware unless it is essential that I do so to be able to unlock it. BTW, I need to be able to use it with any sim card because the company I work for changes our service provider more frequently than I change my socks.

    So folks please help out this Clueless person.

    Thanks in advance
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    [how come no one is answering this thread, I'v same problem, their used to be on the net 2.12patched and 3.04fwbut now it's all taken away does any one know where to find it?

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