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    I am using ptunes deluxe to get streaming audio from shoutcast stations. I am on an unlimited gprs plan with cingular. Whenever I am on a shoutcast stream, I don't receive any phone calls , it always goes to voicemail. Is there a way to ask it to suspend the shoutcast streaming and take the incoming call, like it does for other mp3 audio. Or is this a problem with the provider (voice and data can't happen at the same time ) ?.

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    Correct, voice and data cannot occur at the same time.
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    Just to clarify, you can have an active GPRS session in that the signal strength gadget arrows are green and receive calls BUT only so long as no data is actively traveling up or down the connection. If you are using Shoutcast, the data is traveling all the time and there is no way for the phone to receive inbound call notifications.

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