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    Hi Folks: I am sure many of you had this problem and found a solution for it.

    I recently bought the Seido 2 in 1 headset and carry it along with the treo everyday. I carry my treo in the OEM leather pouch case but I have to carry my headset crumpled in my pant pockets. I am sure that if I keep this up for a few weeks, the wire in the headset will have some kind of loose connection and will not work the way it does now (it has happened to me in the past with my other earphones..)

    Have any of you found a decent case for this headset that I can clip to my belt... . I wanted to buy a retractable headset for this reason, but I couldn't find any retractable model that worked for both call and playback like seido does.

    Also, I was surprised that the siedo earphones didn't have any buds....let alone a pair of there a place (like radioshack..) to buy these buds (maybe 1/2 dozen or so) that works with the seido earphones?.

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    I just keep the Treo and headset in the same pocket. The Treo has a Boxwave screen protector so no worries there. Ive been doing this for a few months without problems.

    There is a retractable headset at but it doesnt have the headphones built-in. I imagine it would be a lot of 'stuff' since it has all of those pieces when you add your headphones plug etc.

    Im pretty sure Ive seen a box of earbud covers at Radio Shack. Never really thought about it but now you've got me wanting to try some out.
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    radioshack does sell buds. seen them there myself.
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    usually if they arent in my ear, they are on a desk at work or at home.
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