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    I installed the 1.2 Updater, followed all instructions.
    When I tried to HotSync, my treo started with a loud repeated tone with the dialog box:
    "System Version 2.0 or greater is required to run this application."
    I tried to check the OK box. Nothing. The tone continued endlessly.
    I performed a soft reset. The same. Tried it twice more. The same
    Finally I swallowed hard and did a hard reset.
    And it is still the same tone and dialog box!

    Please. Someone. Help me!
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    PROBLEM SOLVED, thanks anyway.

    1. Don't install 1.20!!
    2. But if you do and this happens, perform the reset after plugging your treo into the AC cord slot.
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    greenberg, how's this for the backup you ask for?
    another nonsensical blanket statement, say you? the backup for all these blanket statements are all over these threads - READ THEM.
    it seems THE MAJORITY who try it have problems with the update, and when the majority has problems doing something new, it usually warrants a , how-do-you-say , BLANKET STATEMENT - DONT DO IT, BECAUSE 8-9 TIMES OUT OF TEN YOU GO THRU BIG PROBLEMS.
    so in my view, if your treo works fine and you don't care much for voice and video recording, then don't bother.
    because to so would be..... SILLY
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    I beleive more people post when they have problems than when they don't.

    Have a look at this thread entitled "Thread for people who had a PERFECT UPGRADE."

    It's quite a long thread.

    Again, I've said before, there is no denying people have had trouble with the update. I never asked for any "back-up" from anyone, including you. It's blatantly obvious that issues can and do occur with the latest update. They just don't occur for everyone. Which is why I think it's "silly" to simply dismiss the update.
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    If you read chatboards or work in a helpdesk/support center, you will always have a jaundiced view of hardware and software issues. Why is it that everytime someone calls my helpdesk they have a problem they need help with?! :-)

    If everyone had a problem, there would be considerably more noise.

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