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    The object when trying to return a drowned device to a store is deny deny deny. I dropped a Verizon phone in the urinal a couple years ago (no, i hadnt flushed yet). I let it dry out but it was dead as can be. I brought it to the Verizon store and the tech looked at it. He insisted it had gotten wet and refused to help me. I spent a half hour quoting that Shaggy song (It wasn't me) and basically denying it happened. The priceless sight was him smelling it to see if it was waterlogged. After repeating over and over that it never got wet, they finally got exasperated and gave me a new phone. Don't underestimate persistence!

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    i don't want to seem holier-than-thou but you lied your *** off and made a poor guy smell your ****.
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    Hmm..Well, I dont want to seem argumentative, but I never told him to smell the phone. As for the lying, umm..yeah, that I did!
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    I got caught in a thunderstorm while boating on a lake with my Treo 600 in my Pocket. I took it out and put it in a "dry space". After the downpour and driving rain I removed my Treo and it had water droplets on the screen and keyboard.

    When I got home I dried it off as well as I could, and put it in the crisper drawer of my refrigerator. I removed it a few hours later and warmed it up and it works fine.

    I'm not sure using the refrigerator to remove moisture actually worked, but I thought that it was safer that using an oven.
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    Thanks for the encouraging stories of Treo in water and recovery.

    The plastic case on the Treo is way too slippery. I just pulled my 650 out of my jeans in the bathroom and it slipped out of my hand and fell into the toilet. I got it out immediately but it had stopped showing the green "phone is on" light. So I removed the battery and SIM and the SD card and shook out the water as best I could. But you can see that water wicked behind the LCD touchscreen and that water is now receding somewhat (about 3 hours after the accident). I tried blow drying it but that seemed to make it too hot.

    And my oven won't reliably give 150 degrees so I thought of trying a heating pad (the kind for sore muscles, etc.). A heating pad is a reliable source of low heat.

    By the way, the power is ALWAYS on if the phone is on standby so you need to get the battery out as soon as possible or hold the red poer button down for 3 seconds if it is still working.

    Because the 650 Treo case is so slippery, I am definitely going to buy a clear silicone rubber one. This happened after only 3 weeks.

    If I can't get this Treo working again, I will buy another 650. They provide so much power in such a little package, it is hard to imagine living life without it.
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    Try EGrips if you want to make your Treo less slippery.
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    As a Gauss Meter manufacturer, let me tell you once the darn thing gets wet, the RF output can be way out of the safety profile for the device! Of course that is only for cancer and other symptom concerns, and most people don't care. has some of that RF coverage (not my site).
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