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    I recently received a refurb CNG unlocked Treo (third unit) instead of the INT versions I've received the first two times. I'm on TMobile service. Anybody think of a reason I should return this one and insist on a unbranded model?
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    No reason to change.

    Finally broke down and got a CNG phone when HS/P1 was refusing to ship unbranded or T-Mo branded devices. Plugged in my T-Mo SIM and it has worked like a charm. The phone software version I received is 02.02. Have not had to update. I have never experienced any of the problems reported here by others. T-Mo customer service has done their usual yeoman job and have never questioned the provenance of my phone. I kind of like the little Cingular logo.
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    if you really mind having a 'branded' phone you could change -cng to -int using tokenwriter and then load the int firmware.

    just my $.02

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