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    My Treo 300 seems to have died today. I used it last night to make a phone call and it worked just fine. Afterwards, I put it in my suit pocket and later when I got home I put it in a little basket where I keep it when I'm not using it. This morning, I could not turn it on. Nothing seems to work, no buttons respond, cannot do a reset. I tried recharging it for a couple of hours (even if it was pretty fully charged), but nothing happened.

    Normally, I keep it in the charger at work. It's memory is not full. I did not drop it or got it wet. It is about 10 months old.

    Anyone has any ideas how to revive it? Thanks a million.

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    Take it to a Sprint store for replacement. It is still in warranty.
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    Thanks a lot. I was afraid I'd have to send it in.

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