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    Synchronicity or coincidence throws you a bone...

    I have had a copy of MusicStudio for a few months ( It allows me to create polyphonic MID files directly on my Treo 600. It's the only application I know of that allows you to do this. It's a simple multitrack MIDI sequencer with no control channels. I like it mainly because I can play with all of the instruments inside the Treos MIDI synthesizer. When you save they go into the System MIDI Sounds database (not available as ringers to Treo 600) and when you synchronize the conduit makes these into MID files. So I was re-installing the MID files via Email.


    I discovered iRing ( yesterday. iRing exposed to me that fact that there are three data files in the Treo 600 holding tunes:
    System Ring Tones - not readily available to Treo 600
    MIDI Ring Tones - All the tones for alerts and ringers on Treo 600
    System MIDI Sounds - the place where Palm Pilots store their simple monotone alert sounds and where MusicMaker stores its files.

    iRing lets you export/move files between these internal databases.

    To cut a long story short, edit and create your musical ringtone in MusicMaker and then save it. Then open up iRing and export the tone from System Midi Sounds to MIDI Ring Tones. You have now created, edited and installed your new polyphonic ringtone directly on the Treo.

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    Poryphyron, the link to micromadhouse doesnt seem to work. After reading your post I really want to be able to make midi files on my palm but cannot get MusicMaker and havent been able to find anything else that seems to do the same thing. When did you get this software? Was it recently?
    If it is shareware could you possibly send me a copy?
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    I think the author may have dropped the application/domain for MusicStudio - you can get the shareware version here - This is not going to do you much good as it will prevent saving. That is disappointing.

    I wrote to the author once to ask him to directly support Treo 600 but he never responded. I will try again.
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    Link is broken.

    This is the right one.
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    So MicroMadhous is gone as a domain but they still sell thru PalmGear - so my solution is still viable.

    Has anyone discovered what control channels you can edit on a Treo 600? e.g. Volume, pan, velocity. It would be nice to create stereo alarms that had stereo separation and some sound dynamics for ehrn you have your Treo hooked up to your hifi.
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    Hey, why don't you all just grap LightWav, use some MP3s as your ringtones and then you all can be rockin' with the best...
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