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    Hi All,

    Visiting Houston next week, any good places to pick up accessories for my Treo 600 ?


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    Where are you coming from? CompUSA has accesories but they are significantly more expensive than online.
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    I concur. I would just buy them online if I were you.
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    I am visiting from the UK so the weak dollar eases the pain.

    Last month I was in Las Vegas and bought lots of stuff and saved around 40%, but I only got my Treo 600 a couple of weeks ago so want to get things.

    My want list are:
    Sedio combined stereo heaphone adaptor with handsfree mic
    Bluetooth headset with non bluetooth adaptor.

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    I live in Houston but I buy my Treo stuff online.
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    When you get here you might want to ask a local the directions to Harwin Drive; I don't know if you will find anything specific to the Treo, but this area is a reseller's delight. Primarily Asian operated, and probably a lot of gray market goods, but there are deals to be found if you're in a shopping mood.
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    Skip Harwin, head to the Galleria (easy to get directions). There are many mobile phone accessory stores: Fossil, Victorinox, and many kiosk to keep you busy- and under one roof. Everything you listed, and much more, can be found there.

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