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    Good day,

    I just purchased my 600, and I am very excited. I was wondering what software is essential. Is it possible to create a shortcut to your contacts, instead of going to the phone and then to contacts? Let me know what I should have installed on my phone.
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    Do a search for essentials and you will get some very extensive threads relating to this topic. Some threads literally contain hundreds of suggested applications and even tips on how to use them.
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    You could try a search for essential software. There must be a dozen threads on that subject. Here is some of mine:

    Apps and Utilities

    ZLauncher* (IMO the best launcher for the treo 600 hands down)

    Datebk5* (Somepeople like Agendas or Beyond Con. I have tried them all and always come back to datebk. Its a personal taste thing like most apps)

    SplashMoney* (great app wish it would sync with Quicken or Money though)

    SplashId* (great place for any customized category from passwords to home inventory and more)

    SplashPhoto (viewer works great with splash clock)

    YAHM (I use it with fonthack V use it with midget fonts on webviewer handstory, etc. If you have decent eyesight it shows much more text on the screen at one time)

    Teal Auto* (IMO the best car tracking app available)

    Filez* (one of the best freeware apps available, although zlauncher has a good file manager built into it)

    Second Screen TV* (similar to pockettv but second screen has a conduit in the hotsync so you don't have to sync it separately)

    Iambic Mail* (most people prefer Snapper but I have less problems with Iambic and find it easier to use my personal preference. Most email apps let you attach documents, with iambic I can attach any file. It will also sync with outlook, snapper doesn't yet)

    Treosms* (until sprint comes out with real SMS this is the best thing going)

    Verichat (Great app I prefer it over chatter)

    Mapopolis and GPS*

    Notepad (write on screen like palm 100)

    HandStory (use as my ebook viewer)

    Mobile TS (Connect to my PC at home from my treo)

    PDAnet (Use the treo as a modem for my laptop)

    McPhling* (custom setting back button is great, freeware)

    Quickswitch* (great little known app launcher)

    Handzipper (unzip or zip mail attachments)

    Pickem (zoom with the camera)

    Hand/RSS (newsgroup headline reader)

    pzip (little difficult to set up but worth the space gained by using)

    pocket tunes with shoutcast* (incredible streaming audio not too mention a great mp3 player)

    Web Pro (This proxy browser works better than Blazer on some sites and worse on others)

    Web Viewer** (The fastest browser I have tried. Doesn't get some secure sites for me, so I have to keep using Blazer for a few sites)

    Grafitti Anywhere (freeware works great with Treo 600)

    docs to go* (Great app mostly view the excel and word files on the treo because of screen size worth it anyway)

    Bdicty and zip code database

    findhack* (better find tool then the built in find)

    Kinoma (watch converted TV shows or other video files)

    Keycaps* (freeware that should of been built into the treo)

    expense plus (track expenses on business trips)

    clockpop5* (Use the treo as a pocket watch. Doesn't quite work the way it should on the Treo 600 but it is still a good freeware app)

    321 contacts or TakePhone

    Pocket lingo 2.0 (dictionary and thesaurus)

    SuperUtility (useful file manager and troubleshooter)

    Treo Butler* (use the useless volume buttons to scroll)

    backupman* (great app saved me a few times. Backs up and restore quickly and accurately. I had problems with Botznam backup, giving me error messages when restoring. Backup man saves it all to one file unlike botznam backup)

    Today* (great customizable one page agenda and its free)

    Minutes Plus* (freeware track your cell minutes)

    DIrectory Assistance* (great free app to look up people or businesses phone numbers)

    Khroma or Colorize (change the colors of the palm)

    Maltins Movie Guide

    Soundrec* (even records phone conversations while on speakerphone)



    Slap (take notes first then decide which app to move the notes to)

    Profeo 600 lite* (set up profiles to save battery life)

    Todo Plus (todo replacement great app set alarms for todos, etc)

    Memo Plus (memo replacement add pictures to memos set alarms)


    atom smash (breakout game, great, addictive)
    gizmo* (sega game gear emulator)
    tennis addict
    gts racing
    Warfare Inc.* (IMO the most advanced palm game to date)
    TW golf*
    Trival Pursuit* (educational and addictive)
    ONe for all Solitaire* (many games good gameplay)
    AIr Hockey
    Cave Run

    You can add icons for shortcuts to the phone apps with this:
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