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    Hi, folks.
    Yes, a pretty basic question. Forgive me, I did search solutions inside the forum myself. The more I read .. made me more confused.

    I just could not find the option for synchronization between MAILBOX of MS Outlook 2003 and the Treo 600. Snappermail, BC, Euroda sounds great from your opinion. No, all I want is just simple MAIL synchronization , like the old days with Palm Vx.

    I bought this unlocked GSM Treo 600 from ebay, without the original CD-ROM. The Palm desktop was D/L from PalmOne ( ver 4.1 ). MS outlook was dectected during installation, and I took the 2nd option --- " I want to use Microsoft Outlook". Chapura pocketmirror was installed automatically. All went smoothly with synchronization in Contact, memo, to-do, and calendars.

    Where is the option for "Mail" or inbox ?

    Did I miss something ? wrong answer for "I want to use MS outlook? or... is there something missed in the D/L version of Palm desktop from PALMone ? ( no splashID , no splashmoney .. etc. )

    Any comment would be appreciated, help!
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    You want the traditional synchronization where your PDA sync mail while connected to the desktop instead of the over the air email sync?
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    Yes! ronbo2000, thanks!
    Wireless comunication is .. not prohibited but not encouraged in office hours here.
    Besides, isn't that the default component , or I got the wrong idea from IIIc and Vx ?
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    Hi, Freudov23. Which conduit you had installed ? pocketmirror 3.15 ?
    There is no "Mail" setting in the hotsync conduit ( pocketmirror ) here, geez.. did I miss something ? I had just re-installed the Palm Deskop, nothing changed!

    I remember it should be there in the case of Palm IIIc. I had turned to PPC for the last two years, and could be sure for anything about palm OS now.
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    The Handspring/PalmOne mail app doesn't sync with your desktop mail. I use Beyond Contacts (InboxToGo) from Dataviz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spincy600
    ........, and could be sure for anything about palm OS now.
    Sorry : a " NOT " was missed in this sentence... " and could NOT be sure for anthing about palm OS now ."

    Now I get it, it's not possible to do MS Outlook mail synchronization by palmdeskop or pocketmirror now. There is nothing to do with the differnce between the installation CD-ROM or the Desktop D/L from palmone ! ( Still I couldn't find the splashID, document to go etc. )
    Hey , I studied the manual and the on-line FAQ in palmone , why did not they make such statement in plain english ?

    Thank you for your patience.

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