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    When I record and playback on internal memory, the sound is excellent. However, when I save the video to my card and play it back, the sound is terrible, sounds grainy. Anyone else have this problem? I have a 256 Sandisk card that is only 20% full.
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    Same here. The sound stutters after the video has been transferred to the card. It's been a problem with each update. It's annoying because this is a great program.
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    I set the Video quality to 10; this leads to smooth playback straight from the card; when I go above that, I get the stutter. The problem is not the quality of the sound, it's the speed of the data flow from card to Treo. The other option is to keep the higher quality, but to copy your video back to internal memory (it only takes a couple of seconds) before watching it, and then erasing it.
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    Thanks Bujin. Both ways worked for me.
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    Yay!! I'm useful!

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