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    On a couple of calls I've gotten an echo while not using the speaker phone. The echo is on my end not the non-Treo end. It doesn't always happen. How strange. Is this a known issue, and what should I do?? I have the latest firmware (CNG 3.05).
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    Echo on your end is caused by the other persons phone. This is the basic rule of echo on telephones (when not dealing with speakerphone.)
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    Well, I have used both ATT firmware 3.06 and CNG 3.05. I have found that I had a similar issue with the CNG firmware and not with the ATT firmware. This may be a fluke...but just thought I would make note of it. I have gone back and forth on both firmwares a couple of times and this has been my experience.

    I am using an ATT phone on ATT network.

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    I have a TMO T600 and I too get a lot of calls with echo when NOT using speakerphone. I'd be interested to hear from others who have had this, and if there's a fix. I don't buy that it's everyone else's phone and not mind.

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