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    When you receive your first new unheard voicemail, do you get a dialog box that says OK or LISTEN? If so, does it ever go away or clear to just an Alert indicator or does it just stay on screen forever until you acknowledge it?

    Mine stays on forever and beeps and buzzes.

    Anyway to have it not display a dialog box or have it display it for a period of trime and then go away?

    VERY annoying.
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    I agree. if I don't acknlwledge the voicemail, it clogs up the screen & my email can't autofetch. I asked the developer of Treobutler awhile back if he could implement this but I don't think he's developing anymore. I also would like some function to auto-snooze an alarm (email) if I don't check it right away...
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    Bump... TreoButler to the rescue? (you did it for SMS...)

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