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    I have a unit I recently updated with firmware v.1.2. I decided to give Chapura's KeySuite a try and am using a trial version of the 'Invisible' to hide the default apps. Yet the default app icons keep sneaking back on to the launcher.

    Seconly, on a whim, I decided to delete the 'Main' category from the launcher. This also comes back. I can't remember if this particular category 'must' be present...

    Not sure if these are known issues or bugginess caused by the firmware update. Please advise.
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    I had a hard time using Invisible, so I eventually made a category named "Favorites", and set my Treo to "remember last category". Now I only see the apps that I put in the Favorites category. It works just as well as Invisible did.

    I don't know if that helps at all.
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    I had this problem too. Found out that having RadioControl installed somehow affects Invisible. Perhaps they both try to load into the system at the same time? If you have RadioControl, delete it and use TreoOffOn instead. Invisible will work correctly then.

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