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    As some of you know T-Mobile users get an SMS instead of the standard MWI (envelope or tape reel icon above #1 on the Dialpad) which other cellular companies use. I believe there may also be some other GSM service providers which also use SMS. Even though it's perceived as a matter of preference I believe most users find it quite annoying.

    I want know if it's in any way possible for someone here to create a simple application to rectify this. The idea is simple:

    1. The application filters SMS messages for user defined text.
    2. If the user defined text is detected it flags the standard MWI that there is a message and deletes (optionally) the original SMS.
    3. Once the message(s) have been heard, a hard key or combination of hard keys (ie: opt + c) can be held down to reset the MWI.

    Is this possible?
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    I for one would love an app like that. Great idea.

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