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    I have a locked AT&T t600. Called T-Mobile to obtain the SIM unlock code. They were nice enough to send me the code. I followed the instructions they gave me and press the *#*#<num>#. The phone then simply shows "SIM lock has not been removed from this phone" popup and remained locked. I tried both 3.04 firmware and the firmware after a hard reset.

    Does the lock code software dependent? Or the code has to come from AT&T (I would imagine the code should be carrier independent)?

    Many thanks for advice if you have similar problems.

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    The code is based on the imei #. I was told that I need to have a sim from another company inserted so that when the error message came up the code could be put in. It worked for me. ( I don't know for sure that this is correct.) The code sequence you describe is correct. Try it with an unauthorised sim and see what happens. It also could be that they gave you the wrong unlock code because they had the wrong imei #.
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    Thanks Thunder..

    Now, did you have a locked T-Mobile T600 or a locked AT&T prior to unlocking it. I tried both AT&T and T-Mobile SIM. When it has AT&T SIM, it says "SIM lock has been removed". Then the phone is lock after I changed to a T-Mobile SIM. Then I tried the same sequence to unlock it with the T-Mobile SIM, it shows the "SIM lock has not been removed" message.

    I double checked with T-Mobile the IMEI is correct.

    Thanks again - yk
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    I am not sure that Tmo has the correct unlock code for ATT phones. I am in the same situation - using an ATT phone on Tmo service. First they told me that they could and would do it. A week went by and I heard nothing. I called them back yesterday and they sent me the following reply:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM
    Unlock Request. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this
    time because we are unable to provide unlock codes for AT&T phones. Please refer
    your unlock requests for this equipment directly to AT&T.

    Thank You,

    Sim Unlock Department
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.

    I have come across a forum where one guy alleges to have unlocked his ATT treo with the code *#*#94213166# I have serious reservations that it will work, but you have nothing to lose. Good Luck
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    Was the number they gave you *#*#777# by chance ??

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    My carrier is neither oft the 2 that you mentioned, but I assume that the unlock code process is similar for all Treo phones. Once it is unlocked by using the official code, it stays unlocked even after an upgrade. If I remember correctly it is an 8 digit code preceeded and followed by the sequence of *#'s that you showed.
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    Similar to others, my code is also 8 digits.

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    can't understand how a phone can re-lock itself. I'm certainly no expert but I have had several different makes of phones all unlocked and never experienced a phone that had been offically unlocked to lock itself, even after an upgrade. Your original carrier ( the company that you purchased the phone from) will have the unlock code or will have access to it from Palm. As I mentioned earlier it is IMEI based. Also as I'm sure your aware, there are usually people in the city where you live that can flash your phone to unlock it. They charge anywhere fro $100-$200 to do it. Keep bugging AT&T for the code.

    Good luck
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    I understand that SIM locking is actually carrier dependant. This means that the unlock code should be used only for the specific carrier's SIM and phone. They must come as a pair.

    I got my Orange SIM unlocked using the unlock code from Orange. I had to use the Orange SIM in the phone when punching in the unlock code. Then I put in a Vodafone SIM and the rest is history.

    I am pretty certain to make use of the unlock code, you need the code from the carrier who locked the SIM and you must at the time of unlocking, use the SIM from your carrier that locked your phone in the first instance.
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    I am not sure if you have already figured this out yet but att unlock code is *#*#(last four digits of your IMEI number on the back of your phone)#. example (*#*#5234#). Hope this helps if you have not done already!
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    I have a TMO phone and received the unlock code from them. Unlocking worked fine. You must have another carriers SIM in the phone.
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    What is an IMEI #
    As above, so below

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    OK read what an IMEI is - but how to unlock where do you enter the unlock code? Does anyone have (or have the time) to write out step by step insructions?
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