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    The Treo has only recently become available (officially) in Canada. I presently use Palm V PDA with Maximizer (2,650 addresses) contact management software. Does anyone know if Maximizer works with the Treo 600? The Max. website does not list it as suported, however, it lists the T3.
    I would apreciate if anyone out there could give me some feedbak.
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    The Treo 600 is a Palm OS 5 device therefore Maximizer will run. However, how tightly integrated it is, I am not sure, for example, within ACT, you can dial direct from the ACT database etc.. I'm guessing it's the same for the Treo w/Maximizer but perhaps you should wait for a response from a Treo 600/Maximizer user. I am sure there are some on this board.


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