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    Hey, I have a Treo 600 GSM version unlocked and on T-Mobile service. I also have picture messaging.

    Can I send pictures outside of my own network? Like to Cingular or Sprint PCS? Sorry if this is a no-brainer but I'm not as savvy as many of you.

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    AFIK you should be able to send pictures to any other GSM carrier (since they all support MMS.) Sending one to a Sprint user probably won't work since Sprint's picture mail really isn't MMS. Same goes for Verizon.
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    But you should be able to send it as an email...?
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    Well you could definetly send it as an e-mail but depending on the person's phone he/she may or may not be able to view it.

    For example. Let's say you're on a T-Mobile Treo 600 and e-mail a picture as an attachment using Snapper mail to someone's phone, a Sprint PCS Sanyo 8200. There is no e-mail client on the Sanyo 8200, so how would they view the image?

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