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    Hey Guys,
    I like to update/inform people on any good memory deals. Here's a good one for ya, if you are looking for 512mb or less.

    NewEgg is selling 512 MB Sandisk SD card for $99.99 - $25 mail in rebate (you pay $99.99, get free super saver fed express shipping, although i'm not sure if tax is added to $99.99) and then send in your rebate form.

    This is a very decent price for us movie/mp3/ogg people (i prefer ogg myself, it sounds the same and is 1/3rd size of mp3 on the treo) so get it while you can! i'll be on the lookout for any more deals and i'll bring them your way.

    Take care,

    here is the 512 MB SD sandisk card

    and here is the rebate form (print out ASAP)

    keep in mind this isn't the "SUPER FAST" (supposedly super fast) SD cards but i've had the 256 before and it runs fairly well, well enough for movies (divx, xvid) and ogg/mp3s on the treo.

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    So wait a minute! I found that has the 256MB for $38 ( and the link you gave shows $20 rebate for the 256MB card. So my net cost is $18. Could that be right?

    Someone check my math for me, please.

    Looks like Daddy's getting a new SD card...yeah!
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    Nevermind, I'm an *****. That price is for a CF card.
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    OK, here's the price for the 256MB SD card = $56 (, less $20 rebate.

    Net cost = $36

    Not bad. Looks like I'm still getting a new card.

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