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    I have to say that even months later, I still wish my Treo had BT. Does it affect my love of the device? Barely. It's still THE best option out there, IMO, but I would love to use my Freespeak without the adapter. That's really the only use I have for BT, but it's a HUGE one for me. As far as having to charge the battery on ANOTHER device goes? Yeah, I got bitten once or twice by the dead battery monster, but a backup Jabra regular headset in the armrest of my truck was a quick fix. Even still, as a result I upgraded to the new Freespeak last month and boy howdy! That battery kicks @$$!!! Sorry, my inner-eighties child was channeling. Anyway, I would highly recommend that headset, the Freespeak 250, to anyone considering a BT. And maybe on the next model we'll get the BT I want.
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    Great thread. Here are some of my thoughts...

    I had a Treo 300 before (technically, I still do have one lying around that I need to eBay). I never upgraded to the Treo 600 because I was unhappy (and quite vocal about it here) about the smaller thumbboard and move away from the integrated flip-lid (which I'm probably in the minority in liking). Oh, and of course the low-res screen. Can't forget that. Oh, and the really lousy camera PQ, but as much as I like to complain about that, it's still (barely) better than nothing.

    Right now I have an HP iPaq h4155 as well as a Tapwave Zodiac and can use either of these in conjunction with my "limited edition" Sprint Sony-Ericsson T608 Bluetooth phone.

    I have to tell you that I miss the single-device integration that my Treo 300 gave me. I never bothered to set up SnapperMail to automatically fetch emails because the Treo 300 didn't have great reception (combined with the fact that just about no Sprint phone can pick up a signal inside my house) combined with the Treo 300's poor battery life. But even with the manual fetch option, I liked simply pushing my mail hard-button once to switch to SnapperMail and a 2nd time to initiate a fetch. Too often I'd get some sort of error message (which I never really figured out why it would happen) which was especially a pain because I had to tap on the screen to clear the error message, but when it worked it was pretty quick. With the two-device solution, it's a bit more cumbersome because I have to first turn on Bluetooth on the device, then launch the mail app and initiate a sync. Then, there's further delay because the PDA has to first find the phone. It's not a horribly slow process, mind you, but every little bit of delay that's added to the process just makes for a very un-zen-like experience.

    Now, I could keep Bluetooth always on with my PDAs, but that sucks battery life, so I don't. Plus, my T608 has really bad battery life, though part of that is my own fault because the T608s were apparently lying around in a warehouse forever while Sprint decided what to do with them and the batteries got stale. Many others who have swapped in new batteries have reported significantly better battery life. I've just been too lazy to get around to requesting a new battery (or buy one myself). Still, this brings me to another negative point about the two-device solution: You now have two devices to have to remember to keep charged up, two sets of charging cables to lug around, etc.

    Some positives: I have a freeware browser for the PPC that lets me do tabbed browsing so I can open up more than one web site and keep them open. I don't usually try multitasking and opening up multiple sites at once, but it's nice just to have them "still open" so that I can periodically go back and refresh the pages without having to open them anew each time. The PPC's 240x320 resolution offers a small improvement to the Treo's as well, though that's not a big deal to me because I mostly only access mobile friendly sites (like my Tapland forum) or Hotmail when I'm out and about. The stock email app on the PPC is free and works but it's not nearly as nice as SnapperMail.

    The Zodiac is a great Palm OS super-PDA thanks to its 480x320 screen and gaming-focused controls. SnapperMail works just fine on it. Browsing is actually awful, though, because the browser it comes with won't squeeze sites to fit the 480x320 screen, so if you access a non-mobile site you have to scroll. It's also slow. I've actually been able to get Blazer 2.0 to work on the Zodiac and though it only works in upscaled (font-smoothed) 320x320 mode, I prefer it to the fullscreen-capable stock browser.

    Back to the one-device advantages...I also miss being able to quickly dial someone by typing in the first initial of their first name and first couple of letters of their last name. Despite being a huge fan of Graffiti, I must admit that I grew to really like using the thumbboard instead of Graffiti, though I never learned to like it for longer bits of text (e.g., composing emails or forum replies). That's where the Treo 600's move to a smaller thumbboard really disappoints me, again. Nevertheless, if I was to go with a Treo 600, I'd probably supplement it with my palmOne IR keyboard (which I use with my iPaq and Zodiac).

    Sorry for the long-winded response which touched on several areas that have little to do with the subject at hand. Let me add another, though...

    While I hate that the Treo 600's camera is of lousy quality, it too offers a nice advantage to my previously-proposed idea (I've yet to do it) of supplementing my devices with a separate ultra-small but good quality Pentax Optio S. With my T608, Zodiac, and Optio S I'd have a total package that had higher res and much better quality all around. But I'd have three devices to lug around. And if I wanted to take a quick pic of something at the grocery store to email to my wife for her to confirm that "yes, that's the size of sour cream I want you to buy" it would be a real hassle with that three device solution but a snap with an all-in-one solution like the Treo 600.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Treo 600, Jack of all trades, master of none. You can find a better phone, a better PDA, a better camera. Finding them all in one device is another matter. Then finding the correct blend of the devices. While there are definite flaws with the treo, I like mine, and am not going back.

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    I did what you're thinking of and it didn't work for me. I had a T600 and got rid of it in favor of a Sony UX50 and a Sony Ericsson T616. The combination worked great. The problem was even though I tried to remember, the UX50 seemed to never be around when I needed it. Too geeky to carry phone and PDA on my belt. Too bulky to have in your pocket (IMHO). I'm back with a new 600.
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    well if you are thinking of selling your treo send me a quote i might want to upgrade to the 600 myself
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