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    I get the "This update is not compatible with this device"

    Here is what my phone info says:

    SA Number: 1001310170
    Firmware: 03.04
    Software: Treo600-1.12/1030/0..... (off the screen)
    Hardware: B

    I thought I wanted the update because it says it has 03.05 firmware...

    Can someone tell me what I need to do (step-by-step). I've read other threads and they talk about "token writer" and other things, but I can't find one place that gives me the straight scoop.

    I tried *#*#777# Dial, and it says my phone is unlocked if that helps...

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    p.s. I originally bought the phone from a PalmOne cafe and just plugged in my SIM chip and I think it was 1.08 before the CROW update...
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    I believe you probably have INT instead of CNG firmware. Double check that. If you do, you must locate the tokenwriter file to convert back to CNG. At that point, you can update to 3.05 CNG. However, if your phone was unlocked with a patch then I would not update to 3.05 as it will relock your phone and you won't be able to unlock it.
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    It appears that you are running the 3.04 INT firmware.
    To install 3.05 CNG use tokenwriter and enter the command:
    write crnm CNG
    Then run the 3.05 firmware updater.

    Your other choice it to skip the whole tokenwriter piece and install the 3.05 ROW firmware.
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    Don't know what you mean about "double check that"... I've put all the info I know how to find in my previous posts. Apparently, it's /1030/, not -INT... I also don't know where to find this "tokenwriter" everyone keeps referring to...

    The phone history is this: Bought at Palm Cafe. Stuck in my Cingular SIM. It worked. When I turned on the wireless it showed the cingular guy. Then I updated with CROW updater 1.12 which gave me 3.04 now with the Palm logo. Still works just fine on Cingular though. Instead of cingular guy graphic it just says "Cingular" on the top-left of phone screen.

    Now that the 3.05 is out I'd like to put it on... It's as simple as that. I've done nothing other than above. No unlock, no tokenwriter, nada, nothing else...

    Someone suggested to run the ROW updater. What is the effect of that? What's the difference between CROW and ROW... Also, to get the ROW updater I had to pick the "Other Carriers -- Outside the United States" option. Is this the correct one?

    Sorry for all the questions.
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    This is exactly what I'm worried about. I too have a INT phone I purchased in Singapore. Threw my TMo chip in and away I went. No problem. I also updated my phone via CROW and have the exact phone info (firmware, software and hardware) as you do. I'm worried about updating to the newest firmware and getting similar errors. And if I do upgrade, what should I choose?- International or TMo (when it comes out, if ever) specific firmware update. I would love some guidance.
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    CROW=Carriers Rest of World
    ROW=Rest of World

    They're all the same, I'm not sure why they were changing the abbreviations.

    I had run both the 3.05 ROW and 3.05 CNG.
    I haven't seen or experienced a difference in either firmware. (Expcept the cingular logos)
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