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    I've had my T-Mo Treo for a few months now, and I have two things to say about it. The web is WAY TOO SLOW for any type of reasonable use. About the only thing I use it for is Mapquest. With pictures turned off, at least I can get some driving directions in under 10 minutes. It makes me want to switch to Sprint. However...

    I've heard horror stories about Sprint's customer service. I have to say that the T-Mo customer service is extraordinary. They bend over backwards for just about anything. When my Treo stopped vibrating a few days ago (and yes, I've tried the restart procedure), it took less than 10 minutes on the phone with T-Mo to set up getting my replacement unit. They're on backorder and it will take about 2 weeks, but hey, no one's perfect.

    So, for anyone looking at buying a Treo 600 and considering different carriers, here's the deal. If you want pure Internet speed, don't go T-Mo. If it will mostly be used as a phone and service is key, no one does it better.
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    Hmmm... are you using GPRS service? I have t-Mo, and while it is slow, it is still quite useable on the net. I go to the TC mobile site, I get NEXRAD radar images, etc. Some large, graphics intensive sites are too big, but there are plenty of mobile-optimized web sites to fill the gap.

    That said, T-Mo (and all GSM) internet speeds are 1/10 th what you get on Sprint.
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    Hey T-Mobile: ARE YOU LISTENING????
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    T-Mobile data rates are quite useable for me for for MANY sites. I use mobile-optimized sites in addition to regular ones.

    I have used a Sprint Treo 600. While it is faster than GPRS, the actual browsing speed is no where near 10x faster! I would say it ranges from the same speed of GPRS to 3x faster. Now if you're downloading a large file, Sprint's speed will shine, but that's not browsing.

    My advice is to start from the palmOne home page on your Treo and use it as a real portal. For example, you wouldn't need to go to mapquest and turn graphics off to get directions. Find the travel directions link through the portal and you'll have perfectly good directions without having to fiddle with your browser settings. Then make bookmarks for the sites you find through the portal that you use often. There are many other mobile portals as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdlynx
    ....So, for anyone looking at buying a Treo 600 and considering different carriers, here's the deal. If you want pure Internet speed, don't go T-Mo. If it will mostly be used as a phone and service is key, no one does it better.
    I agree with everything you say. I am pretty high maintenance and TMO has had just awesome customer service.

    On the data side, I really think the Treo is just a slow device. I have used other GPRS devices that were much faster surfing or used them as modems for my laptop and found speeds to be quite reasonable.

    One device that was notably fast was the Sidekick. While a clunky device, mine surfed very fast. I think its fair to compare this to surfing on a Pentium II PC vs a new P4. The internet connection may be the same speed on both computers, but it seems crazy fast on the P4, because the computer just does everything faster. The Treo is just a slow device, which makes surfing slow as well.
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    regarding sprint's customer service, i've been with them for the past 2 months after being with t-mobile for 2 years, and I have to say sprint's customer service reps have either equalled or been better than what i remember with tmo. i've never had to wait more than a minute to speak with someone and they've been well-spoken, friendly people who actually try to help resolve my questions (not really service problems, just plan change what-ifs usually). It's been really surprising, cause I was with sprint about 4 years ago and the service back then was TERRIBLE. So it's been a nice surprise. And the downloads are fast :-)
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    i'm a former sidekick user and i remember the surfing being generally good, but it seemed like it had a lot more problems connecting to sites in general than my treo does. maybe it was because of the danger proxy getting overloaded or something. when it did connect it was really nice though. the sidekick was so well thought out in many ways compared to the treo, especially the AIM, but the closed nature of it and the lack of syncing made me finally jump ship.
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    I agree that Blazer can be pokey on T-Mobile, but the solution is to use Webviewer by rather than ditch T-Mobile. Webviewer feels much snappier and goes through a pretty good proxy server. The reason it makes big sites so much more usable is that it will load the text completely first and free you to scroll up/down immediately before it starts chewing on the images.

    For more info about Webviewer, do a forum search.
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    I personally think customer service is overrated. Honestly, how many times do you actually call CS in a given year? once, twice maybe? If the worst part about Sprint is a 5 minute phone conversation once a year with their CS morons, then I'll survive.
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    The problem is that what *should* be a 5 minute conversation becomes a 30+ minute nightmare with Sprint, as you sit on hold, get transferred, sit on hold again, and as often as not either get disconnected by the third attempted transfer or simply get false information. At least, that's been my experience as a Sprint customer for the last 5 years. In the last year even their billing has gone wonky (with no changes to my account, I started receiving 2+ mailings per month with random credits and adjustments, always working out to my regular monthly charge).
    My experience with T-mo is the same as sdlynx's -- and though I've mostly given up on direct browsing with the T600, it works great as a portable modem for my notebook (with pdanet).
    If you want to experience the difference in customer service, try calling up each company and asking about international roaming Internet use. It's like night and day.
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    I've been with Sprint for well over ten years, and their customer service has been above-par the whole time. When they couldn't resolve an issue right away, they've been more than generous with free minutes, account credits, etc. And their data speeds smoke everyone else's. In fact, I'm submitting this post via my 600 right now. Comfortably.

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