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    Hey there all,

    Been a long time since I have been here, used to be a 300 owner, went to blackberry, and now switching over to a Treo 600. Got my 600 on tuesday. Love this thing so far. Form factor is great. We went with Goodlink to provide Wireless sync of Exchange. Anyway I have a few questions...

    1) Camera - I know it's crap but might just come in handy on a few occassions. When I snap a pic, and hit send the treo defaults to the built in e-mail app ( Which, since I am using Goodlink, is not even configured... ) So is there a way to send these pics via my Goodlink mail program?

    2) Ringtones - Before we had Goodlink installed I was using Visto (Trial Version ) to forward my mail. I sent a few ringtones (.Mid) and they went into my ringtones list great. Since then I had done a hard reset and am now using Goodlink. When I e-mail the ringtone to my phone Via Goodlink, it puts it on the SD card or somewhere else on the phone, but I can't select it from the Ringtones list??? Help.

    3) File Explorer - Are there Apps out there that allow you into the File system of the Treo. I would be able to copy a ringtone from my SD card, and out it into the correct area on the handheld, etc...???

    4) Is there a way to get the Ringtone to ring through the earphone? Driving in the car I have this thing in my ear, and I'm missing rings due to the radio being up to high... ( I plan to purchase the hardwired Car Kit, which will mute the audio but in the meantime)...???

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    The only one I can help you with is 3. Get FileZ - it's free and it does pretty much everything you might want to do.
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    To somewhat answer #2 & 3, I would suggest looking into a mp3 ringtone app like Ligntwav ( - this is the one I use, but there are others such as CallFilter & CallShield. Check them out & see which is best for you.

    mp3's are much louder and are actual music rather than midi's that are softer & synthesized. Just be sure to read the Lightwav manual carefully - there are a ton of questions you will probably have at first that are answered in there.

    You can also look into Power mp3 Cutter to clip the mp3's to the size/part of the song you want as the ringtone.
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    Here's your answer for Q2:

    When the email arrives on the Treo, download the attachment as High Quality.
    Then view it as high quality. This will open the sounds manager and the mid file will appear. ** However, it does not keep the filename. It should appear at the top of you list and be labeled ???
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