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    Sorry to cross posts in different forum. I just wanted to see how else could help me out.

    thanks in advance.


    Hi. I am with TMO 9.99 TZONE Pro plan (Grandfathered) on my Treo 600. Seems TMO has opened up all the ports for the time being.
    When I tried to launch ICQ or AIM, it went to check my password, and trying to start the service / connection. It ends up saying "Connection Time out".
    It seems it went thru the port and trying to connect but somehow it fails.
    Is there a way I can set my connection time out longer?
    any helps would be very helpful.
    I believe if i even subscribe the TMO Internet Plan, it will cause the same problem too. It is not the issue of which data plan I have. in fact, it seems the setup issue
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    I can connect to AIM now. For ICQ, I get "connection fail" any ideas?

    incorrect password?
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    I have the same problem. ICQ authenticates itself correctly with my user name but fails to connect to service. By default ICQ uses large range of ports. I think some of the required ports are closed by tmo. Desktop version of icq has cofig utility to set up communication through firewall while mobile version uses default set of ports
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    I had some problems a week ago. Apparently it was because certain ports were not open with the old WAP plan that I had. I installed the 19.99 vpn plan with TMO and it works fine now.

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